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Lets face it. The current state of health care in the U.S. is sickness and disease focused as opposed to a wellness strategy. We believe that the Word of God exhorts us to “know that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” and that we “have been bought with a price” so we are to “glorify God in our body”. This requires a spiritual warfare strategy to put on the full armor of God and stand against our enemy, the father of lies, as well as a strategy of being faithful in the natural while God supplies the spiritual solution.

We are NOT diminishing professional medical care in any way. In fact incredible advances have been implemented in emergency room and trauma care to the extent of significantly lowering the cause of death by accident. This is to be applauded, however the same advances have not been made in determining the cause of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, pulmonary disorder and others. Advances here are mainly in the areas of control and comfort, not cause and eradication. The huge pharmaceutical industry continues to perpetuate the idea that we can have an improved quality of life just by the suppression of symptoms through the use of toxic drugs. Long term use of toxic drugs work AGAINST the very systems in your body that build health.

This blog was birthed with the profound desire to share wellness strategies.

Wellness is becoming a revolution, not necessarily being advanced by the medical complex, but rather, by we the people. We can see our consumer influence by the amount of organic products being sold.

In 1994 Congress responded to the ground swell of public opinion demanding alternatives that would contribute to wellness by passing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which stated that consumers should be able to make decisions on dietary supplements based on science not hyped up advertising. This profound move of Congress opened the door for companies like Mannatech to share their scientific research to validate their products, use science to educate their consumers on the right choices and to validate that those choices were efficacious and valuable to the quality of life in each and every person who would invest in wellness.

Everyone knows that aloe vera heals but everyone also knows that after a couple of hours the separated leaves have no value. Mannatech was tasked with determining what was in the plant that worked and how could they process it so that it was effective in a product. BIG JOB but they discovered a sugar called mannose which they patented and they also discovered how to stabilize it and make it effective in a product. BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!! This began a world wide search for other plants that provided nourishment and longevity to other populations. Eight basic sugars were discovered and patented. Mannatech now holds over 100 patents world wide and 15 scientific studies done, 12 of which were double blind, placebo controlled studies scientifically verifying the efficacy of these products to feed the cells in the body allowing for cell to cell communication to rebuild, repair and nourish.

Ambrotose Complex, formulated with the Manapol aloe vera extract, became Mannatech’s foundational solution for proper cell-to-cell communication and immune system support. Mannatech’s proprietary product base formulated PhytoMatrix caplets, the industry’s first vitamin and mineral product produced from natural and plant-sourced ingredients. Even today 95% of the vitamin/mineral products are made from petroleum/coal tar which are cheap to make but not assimilated in the body. Mannatech’s proprietary antioxidant composition, AO, has been scientifically proven to help protect against cell damage caused by physical and oxidative stress (free radicals) toxins. environmental stress, and poor diet, all of which can damage cells, tissues and DNA.

According to a study funded by the USDA, five daily servings of fruits and vegetables can increase overall antioxidant protection by 13.9% (serum ORAC results).

Ambrotose AO capsules can increase overall antioxidant protection in humans by more than two and a half times that amount.

NutriVerus powder contains 1500 mg Ambrotose, plus plant derived vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants providing a complete Real Food Technology solution for global health.

There is an interesting prophecy in Numbers 24:5-9 which I believe is a picture of the church, the Body of Christ, for such a time as this.

“How fair are your tents, O Jacob, your tabernacles, O Israel! Like valleys they are spread forth, like gardens beside a river, like ALOES which JEHOVAH has planted, like cedars beside water. Water shall flow from his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag and his kingdom shall be exalted. God is the One who brought him forth out of Egypt; he has as it were the horns of a wild ox. He shall eat up the nations, his adversaries, and shall break their bones in pieces, and shatter them with his arrows. He couches; he lies down like a lion and like a lioness; who will rouse him up? Blessed is everyone who blesses you, and cursed is everyone who curses you.”

Notes from the Recovery Version of the Bible regarding verses 6 and 7 include “the word concerning valleys and gardens and concerning water flowing from buckets reveals figuratively that the church has valleys (Rev.2:9-10), that the church is like a garden (1 Cor. 3:9b), and that in the church there is an abundance of water (1Cor. 12:13, John 7:38-39) These are some of the riches concerning the church. Aloe is a plant know for its healing effect.”

The Body of Christ has been given the authority and task to heal the nations in the Name of Jesus who paid the price. We have been given everything we need in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm. I believe the discovery of glyconutritional products that feed the cells in the body is one of God’s tools to fulfill this task and that is why we will be sharing more information and education in the blogs to come. Thanks for joining us and we always appreciate your thoughts.

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